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My name is Florence Motin. I am a health athlete, holistic therapist and life coach. I am passionate about living foods, endurance sports, fitness, ecology and all things related to personal development and relationships.


I was a marketing executive in a multinational company for 16 years before I resigned to live a life more in line with my physiology and  deepest aspirations. I make it a point to respect our beautiful planet,  connect with nature and lead a zero waste and minimalist lifestyle. Sharing about our choices of life and consumption influences others to make changes in their lifestyle. That’s why I am passionate about sharing my personal choices, lifestyle and about accompanying other people along their individual journeys of  change, as I have been doing.


As a health and life coach, I advocate for wellness through living foods and body detoxification. I educate and guide clients who are ready to take charge of their health, to (re)become/reconnect with themselves and to experiment with a new lifestyle aligned/in alignment? with their inner self.


My experience has shown me that food is our first medicine. The dietary transition and detoxification process allows us to reconnect our cells to the universal intelligence and provoke an awakening within us. When we rediscover our connection with ourselves, with others and with our earth; we build the strong foundations that lead us to healthier, happier and more abundant lives. It is a unique journey of the mind, body and soul.


I am here to help, guide and support you on this journey of reconnection and revival. As you dive into the included e-books, recipes, videos, workshops, courses and more, you will discover how living foods are a catalyst for positive change.



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